Organizing the Balancing Act

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Keeping your life balanced is not as easy as you may think. Career and family life can be very demanding. At times we are being pulled in so many different directions that it feels like the walls are caving in around us. The good news is there are some really creative things that can be done to make life move a bit more smoothly (or at least feel more leveled).

Adhering to a schedule is so restrictive and difficult. I have battled this my entire life. The truth is, schedules are not my friend. Learning to stick to one is honestly quite liberating. This was not an easy task, especially living with ADHD. Having a schedule is crucial to me being able to be productive and successful.

One thing that I have done to make this easier on myself is to turn my planning into a hobby. I did a lot of research on planner types and styles, settling with the Happy Planner. This was the perfect planning system for me! The Happy Planner is a disc-bound planner, which means I can add and subtract material easily. When I make personal templates and/or designs they can simply be printed off and snapped in. The diversity of this planner is why I chose it. It has become a fun, stress-relieving hobby, rather than a chore. It also perks my creative side.

I have a total of 6 different planners that I use. Sound crazy? Not really. I will show you what planners I use and what I use them for.

This is the Happy Planner Modern Farmhouse Theme (Classic Size)

I use this dashboard planner for my catchall or command center. It is the home to all of my important dates (birthdays, anniversaries, events, etc.) in both my professional and personal life. I have a section for addresses, emails, phone numbers, etc. Other sections include notes, current/future projects, and my journal. This is opened daily. Everything that I jot down in my mini gets transferred into this planner weekly.


The Happy Planner RongRong Fitness Theme (Classic Size)

Part of balancing your life is also making sure that you are taking care of yourself. YOU should always be your number one priority. All too often, we get caught up with making sure all of our priorities are accomplished that we forget we are important too. Whether you are a fitness junky or just someone who is striving to get healthier, this planner is an excellent tool. I write everything down that I put into my mouth and every type of exercise I do, even if it is just cleaning the house. It counts! I added a section for meal planning and meal prep. This has been a lifesaver.


The Happy Planner UNDATED Budget/Allowance Planner (Classic Size)

Let’s be honest, paying bills stink! We work so hard just to watch our money walk out of our bank accounts and into our bill’s hands. Uuurrrrgggghhhhh With this planner, it makes paying bills a bit more fun. Crazy, right? I have had a few different budget planners from HP, but this one is my absolute favorite! It is not dated so I can start it whenever I want. I actually bought two of these and combined the two planners so that I will be able to look to the previous year.


The Happy Planner Teacher Planner (Big Size)

As I mentioned in my “About Me”, I am an instructor by profession. This is a FANTASTIC planner whether you are homeschooling your children, teaching in K-12, private tutoring, or teaching at the university level. I use an HP Teacher Planner with my business. I also used one when I was homeschooling my high school students. Since I had two kids at two different levels, I used a color-coding system with one planner. It worked perfectly. I cannot say enough about this planner. It’s fantastic!


The Happy Planner Biz Babe Theme (Big Size)

I use this planner for my social media needs. Basically, this is for my blogging business. I use this to keep track of my blogging schedule, blogging ideas, schedule social media postings, YouTube, goals, and growth. I love this dashboard layout because it has a neutral theme and it is versatile.


The Happy Planner Wild Styled Theme (Mini Size)

I use this vertical planner as my “on-the-go” planner. It’s small enough to fit in my purse so I always have it within arm’s length. This planner has really helped my sanity. I use it to just jot things in as they come up (not caring if it is neatly written). I have added two other sections for my shopping list and notes. An envelope for receipts has also been added.

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