9-Step Blog Post Checklist

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Are you really ready to start posting? It is okay if you are not sure. Unless you are a natural writer this process can be very intimidating. Truth be told, making a blog post that does not suck takes a lot of work to ensure you are writing engaging and interesting posts for your readers.

If you are here that means you have what it takes. Seriously, you do. You have the determination to learn. If you didn’t, you would not be here looking for answers. I am going to make this as pain-free and easy as possible for you in 9 easy steps.

Blog Post Topic – This is very important. We all can write about anything and everything, but what we need to be writing about are topics that your readers actually want to read. Check out Quora to find topics that are in your niche. Many people ask and answer questions there. You can also use Ubersuggest. This is a Chrome extension that you can add to your browser to get SEO metrics in a Google search.

Research – I can not stress how important doing your research is. Google makes this an easy process. Simply search for your topic and/or term using the Google Search Engine and allow it to do the work for you. Look at what type of topics the first 5-10 results provide. Notice what they are writing about and what headers/sub-headers are being used.

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Killer Blog Post Title

Your blog post title should be “catchy” and interesting. Intrigue your readers so their curiosity leads them to want more.

Quality Over Quantity

Your post should focus on providing your readers with valuable information rather than how long your post is. Should you be concerned with how many words are in your post? Sure, but not to the point where you lose quality in your post. Always focus on baffling your audience with brilliance and not BS.

Being a successful blogger means you should always push yourself to be a better and more creative writer with every post. Make sure your formatting is not only attractive but also easy to follow. Consider smaller paragraphs and separate sections using headers and sub-headers. End your post strong. Summarize the main points discussed and keep it positive!

Search Engine Optimization

If you are not familiar with SEO yet, you need to be. This allows you to add custom meta descriptions and titles for your post. Yoast SEO plugin is relatively cheap and they offer you a free course to learn how to make your site rank higher.

But Wait That’s Not All

Be sure to offer different opportunities for your readers to receive more content. You can add forms, pop-ups, links, pictures, etc. throughout your blog to engage your readers into “wanting” more. Be sure to add an opt-in form at the bottom of each post so your readers can subscribe to your email list. This is a fantastic way to ensure you are reaching your readers.

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Pictures are worth a thousand words. Spend some time learning how to create beautiful images for your posts. I personally use Canva Pro, which is AMAZING, to create stunning pictures for my posts. You need to have at least one featured image. This will be added to your social media posts as well.


First impressions are everything. Make sure that you proofread your posts. It may be a good idea to ask someone else to look it over as well. An extra pair of eyes can be beneficial and help you avoid mistakes.

Publish & Share

Congratulations, you are done! Hit the publish button. Be sure to share your post on different social media platforms to promote your blog. I use Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Send an email to your subscribers to let them know that you have a new post available for them.

Be creative, stay active, and be sure to post often!



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