10 November Blog Post Ideas

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I don’t know about you, but sometimes I just sit at the computer and stare at it because I can’t think of anything fantastic to write about. Over the month of October, I wrote down blog posts ideas for me to write in November. Because I believe that sharing is caring, here are some ideas for your November blog posts.

  1. Thanksgiving
    • Thanksgiving Day menu
    • Favorite recipe
    • Craft ideas
    • Place setting
    • Share your hosting tips
    • Share pictures of how you and your family celebrated Thanksgiving 
  2. Black Friday Shopping
    • Are you someone who gets out there and finds yourself a great deal? Share your experiences. Good or bad!
    • Give tips and tricks to shopping successfully.
    • Where are the best deals?
  1. “Me” Time

With the holidays around the corner, life turns into chaos (as if it isn’t bad enough already). It is important that we do not forget about ourselves. I am sure most of your readers experience the same issues. What is your self-care “Me” Time? Do you schedule it in advance or on the spur of the moment?

  1. Guest post
    • Tis the season to share. This is a great opportunity for you to share a guest post. Sit back and relax and let someone else post for you. 
  1. Social Media Following List
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I believe that if you help others, others will help you. Create a “following list” for your readers of the favorite people that you follow on social media.

  1. The Beginner’s Guide to …….

Pretty much every blog that I have ever read has a post like this. While they are widely popular, they are also very informative. Many readers like these types of posts.

  1. Poll/Survey

Have you ever wondered if you provide posts that are interesting to your readers? Wondering what other types of posts that they read? Why not just ask? Create a poll or a survey for your readers to find out what they would like to see.

  1. Book Review

Winter is upon us, especially those of us who are from the Midwest. It has already snowed twice here, and Halloween hasn’t come yet. I find myself curled up with a blanket reading much more during the cold months. If you are the same, why not talk about the book you are reading?

  1. Before and After
    • Hair, Weight Loss, Room Declutter, Remodels, etc. You could write about virtually anything. People find inspiration in other’s success. Don’t be afraid to share it with your readers.
  2. Just Write!

If you aren’t sure what to write about, don’t worry, you aren’t alone. Just sit down and write about whatever comes to your brain. I am an avid planner and when I get blocks, I throw up everything that I am thinking into something called a “Mind Dump”. Every single time that I have ever done this, the inspiration eventually comes. One thing that is certain…. If you don’t write, nothing will ever be posted.

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